Alliant 2 (Unrestricted)

  • Contract Number
  • Period of Performance
    10 years
  • Who is Eligible
    All Federal Departments and Agencies. Alliant, GSA’s premier enterprise GWAC, provides flexible access to customized IT solutions from a large, diverse pool of industry partners. Alliant allows for long-term planning of large-scale program requirements.
  • Agency Sponsor
    General Services Administration
  • Operational Detail
    The Alliant 2 vehicle is a multiple-award, indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity GWAC, tasked with providing comprehensive and flexible IT services and IT services-based solutions worldwide. The Alliant 2 vehicle has been awarded Best-in-Class status by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) as a preferred government wide solution that provides access to a highly qualified pool of industry partners, a broad range of comprehensive IT services and solutions, and flexibility to integrate emergent technologies.
  • Company Contacts
    Brian Edwards, VP, Civilian Sector • (202) 808-7336

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