Environmental Sustainability and Awareness

Environmental awareness and sustainable business practices have an important role to play in protecting our planet and ensuring a secure future for upcoming generations. VariQ is committed to reducing our environmental impact and promoting ecologically responsible behavior and green initiatives, while increasing environmental awareness within our company.

We strive to do our part to minimize consumption of non-renewable resources and promote energy efficient practices by:

  • Leasing space for our offices in high efficiency buildings, with energy conservation practices such as lighting control and HVAC efficiency standards.
  • Recycling and endeavoring to use environmental-friendly products within the workplace, including the use of electronic documents whenever feasible in order to reduce paper usage and printing volume.
  • Decreasing industrial waste through donating used monitors, laptops, and other technology devices, and recycling those that cannot be repurposed.
  • Reducing CO2 emissions by making provision for employees to telecommute, selecting an office location that is accessible to public transit, and participating in county programs that promote the use of mass transit and ride sharing.

VariQ is committed to making sustainability and environment-friendly practices an important component of our company culture—working together toward a green and sustainable future.