Enterprise Business Solutions

VariQ provides strategic business support services that enable transformation across the business enterprise, supporting the missions and evolving needs of our clients. We tailor our solutions in response to clients’ complex organizational challenges. Drawing from its extensive experience in business process analysis, program management, and solutions engineering, VariQ solves critical management, financial, technological, and operational challenges of our clients.


Enterprise Business Management

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VariQ’s experts are adept at providing strategic operational support that meets the diverse business needs of our clients’ and their most complex challenges. Services include:

  • Business Analysis & Reengineering

  • Business Resilience Support

  • Risk Mitigation

  • Hybrid & Dedicated Managed Services

Program Management

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VariQ specializes in organizational management with teams that combine industry best practices, leading-edge business processes and people to maximize investments. VariQ offers: 

  • Program Office Management

  • Project Management Activities
  • Quality & Risk Management
  • Architecture, Planning & Design

Business Process Improvement

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VariQ provides business process improvement services to help enterprises analyze performance, identify issues and opportunities, and achieve clear, targeted outcomes. Services include:

  • Data-driven Analysis & Visualization

  • Risk Identification & Mitigation
  • Efficiency Improvement Strategies
  • Actionable Intelligence Development
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