Cyber Security Services

The protection of cyber systems and the information they host is of critical importance to every organization’s mission success. At VariQ, our commitment is to maximize your IT security with consistent threat monitoring programs and integrated cyber defense solutions that ensure the highest confidence that your network is defended, compliant, and monitored. 

Risk Management

VariQ’s Security Risk Management Team has developed state-of-the-art assessment protocols to evaluate systems, uncover and remediate vulnerabilities, and ensure regulatory compliance and reporting, utilizing:

  • Continuous Monitoring & Ongoing Authorizations

  • Risk & Vulnerability Assessments 

  • Threat & Vulnerability Management

  • FISMA Compliance & Reporting 

Cyber Operations

Securing enterprise networks requires 24/7/365 vigilance. VariQ’s Cyber Operations team develops strategies to continuously identify, monitor, and prevent cyber threats. Services include:                                    

  • Security Operations Center (SOC) Services
  • Security Information & Event Management 
  • Cyber Threat Analysis & Monitoring
  • Security Engineering & Integration 
  • Vulnerability Scanning

Threat Intelligence

The proliferation and sophistication of cyber attacks demand the integration of threat intelligence into cybersecurity strategies. VariQ assists in threat and vulnerability recognition to develop effective prevention tactics, including:

  • Incident Response & Cyber Hunting
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Situational Awareness & Security Analytics