The IRS hosted a Reverse Industry Event Day on May 15th, which provided a forum for engagement and interaction between IRS’ acquisition workforce and industry. The event focused on three major panel topics: From Shutdowns to Personnel Changes: How Industry Perceives and Responds to Risks; Best-in-Class and Spend Under Management: How Industry is Adapting to Category Management Goals; Understanding the Post-Award Factors that Influence Timely Contract Execution.

VariQ’s founder and CEO, Ben Edson, contributed to the event as a panelist. Ben commented, “We, as industry, welcome the interaction and contribution to thought leadership that this Reverse Industry Day provided, and were honored to participate. We believe these events provide an excellent opportunity to share perspectives, insights, and best practices, and value the interaction they foster between government and industry.”

VariQ is a premier provider of Cybersecurity, Software Development, and Cloud services to 20+ federal, state and local government departments and agencies. Ben Edson’s entrepreneurial vision propelled VariQ’s evolution from a single-employee start-up in 2003 to a company with 350+ staff currently under management. Based in Rockville Maryland, VariQ specializes in engineering, integrating, and delivering advanced technology solutions, enabling government to provide mission critical services to its citizens and end users.