VariQ’s Staffing Manager, Allison Hanzel was interviewed for DH’s (Delivering Happiness) recent article, “What Are Top Companies Doing to Create a WOW-Worthy Culture?” The importance of relationship-building for company culture was highlighted by author Kelly Lei in reference to VariQ:

“Every new member on your team adds a whole new network to your company. Allison Hanzel, staffing manager of VariQ, kept good relationships with all employees, even with the ones leave their company. She believes in lifetime relationship building because the company might hire them again or collaborate with them in future projects. This family-owned and operated company grew from 1 to 300+ employees by treating previous and current clients and employees like family.” VariQ strives to foster a welcoming and family-friendly culture, while building lasting relationships with its clients and partners.

At VariQ, we believe in creating an empowering culture that fosters success, innovation, and transformation. Our welcoming culture, coupled with a commitment to professional development and capacity building, fosters an empowering environment and career opportunities, while working with people you care about. For more information, visit VariQ Careers.