The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has awarded the Verification Information System - Operations and Maintenance (VIS O&M) contract to VariQ. The VIS O&M effort is a 4 year contract (base year, with 3 one year options).

The scope of work associated with the VIS O&M program is to provide USCIS with Project Management, Business Research and Analysis, Operations, Maintenance, Security, Transition, and Surge support for the VIS program. VariQ will provide USCIS VIS with Agile-based development and maintenance capability, using Scrum and other Agile processes. In addition, VariQ will provide associated support for compliance with the DHS and USCIS development policies and practices.

VariQ will participate in a team-based Agile methodology, alongside other teams of government contractors and federal employees to accomplish projects as assigned by the agency, most notably efforts that involve system integration, adaptive and relevant maintenance. The Agile development work involves analysis, requirements collection, design, development, and test, in addition to the support functions of configuration management, planning, project management, infrastructure, service desk support, reporting, security, and system administration.

Ben Edson, VariQ’s Founder and CEO commented, “VariQ is honored to be selected to maintain and enhance a system as key to our nation’s security as the Visitor and Information System. This contract award deepens VariQ’s capability in supporting agile development of complex systems.”