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VariQ has been awarded a prime contract by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) under its Total Information Processing Support Services-4 Small Business (TIPSS-4 SB) contract vehicle. With a spending ceiling of $1.5 billion to provide information technology (IT) services over the next 10 years, TIPSS-4 is one of the primary procurement vehicles for technology-related services within the IRS and other Treasury Department bureaus. The IDIQ vehicle has two task areas: Cyber Security (CS) and Management and Business Operations Support Services (MBOSS). 46 companies were awarded prime contracts: 18 were awarded CS contracts, and 28 were awarded MBOSS contracts. VariQ is one of the few companies awarded contracts in both task areas.

VariQ specializes in IT Security, IT Infrastructure, and Business / Software Development support services and is uniquely positioned to assist the IRS and Treasury Department organizations. Through TIPSS-4 SB, it is easy to order any of these IT security and Software Development services from VariQ.

For more information on VariQ's Cyber Security capabilities, click here.

  • Contract Number
  • Period of Performance
    06/23/2011 – 06/22/2021
  • Who Is Eligible
    All Bureaus and Services under the Department of the Treasury
  • Agency Sponsor
    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • Operational Detail
    TIPSS-4 is a 10 year multiple award, Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite-Quantity (IDIQ) contract, with specific support service requirements defined at the task order level. Principal task areas include but are not limited to:

    • Cybersecurity – Computer Security Awareness and Training, Computer Security Incident Response, Computer Security Planning, Crypto Systems, Digital Signatures, Disaster Recovery, Continuity or Operations, and Contingency Planning, Hot-site and Cold-site Support Services including Hardware and Software, Independent Verification and Validation, Mainframe Automated Information Security Support, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Quantitative Risk Analysis of Large Sensitive Systems, Security Certification and Accreditation, Security for Small Systems, Telecommunications, and Client Service, Software/Hardware Maintenance and/or Licensing, Systems Vulnerability Analysis/Assessment and Risk Assessment.

    • Management/Business Operations Support Services (MBOSS) – Communications and Change Management, Performance Work Statement (PWS) & Statement of Objective (SOO) development, Earned Value Management Support Program Management Support, Case Studies, Feasibility Studies, Business Process Re-engineering, Customer Relationship Management, Data Management, Technology Evaluation, Knowledge Management Support, Service Oriented Architecture Support, Enterprise Life Cycle (ELC), Training (Knowledge).
  • Company Contacts
    Ben Edson, TIPSS-4 Program Manager
    ben.edson@variq.com • (202) 808-7332

    Brian Edwards, VP, Civilian Sector
    brian.edwards@variq.com • (202) 808-7336

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