Our mission is to empower our employees to solve complex problems in cyber security, software development, and information technology that enable our customers to succeed in their missions.


The VariQ vision is to be a world-class consulting services organization trusted by clients and partners for thought leadership, technical ability, operational excellence, and engaged employees.

Core Values


VariQ is receptive to new ideas, flexible to change, and have the ability to respond quickly.


VariQ makes the continual effort to engage and communicate with others in a professional and respectful manner in order to achieve a common goal.


VariQ demonstrates leadership among our peers via demonstrated knowledge, aptitude, and experience.


VariQ adheres to certain standards in order to meet agreed upon objectives in a consistent manner. We make a conscious effort to do our best in the absence of defined standards.


VariQ employees and executives are open minded to the needs, ideas, and opinions of our customers, employees, and partners.

Service Driven

VariQ acknowledges, responds, and sets expectations quickly.


VariQ employees have the confidence in their colleagues to fulfill their responsibilities and commitments. They are empowered and accountable to make decisions in their own spheres of responsibilities.

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